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Why Oakland Promise?

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”

Maya Angelou

African American Writer and Poet – Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom


Consider a career in helping young people in Oakland become successful!


At Oakland Promise, you would be joining a unique nonprofit organization that is dynamically on the forefront of nationwide college promise organizations that focus on all age ranges of a young person’s educational journey — from cradle to college and career.  We are mission-driven to spur equity for Oakland’s young people and their families, so they can have access, support and resources to attain their educational and career dreams. 

Our team members are passionate about our mission, vision and programs that provide support for the people we serve: infants; elementary, middle and high school students and college and career technical education students —  to matriculate.

Ours is a collaborative organization that takes on feedback of employees as we strive to create an open and team-oriented environment.  Our staff and leadership created the following unity principles that have guided our path:

Transparency: We will be open and honest about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

Accountability: We speak up when we make mistakes and constantly reflect on the impact of our work.

Equity: Our programs are inclusive and targeted to support and provide access to opportunities for students, families, partners, and community members (volunteers comm) that are historically underserved and marginalized. 

Community: We exist to benefit the Oakland community and our success depends on its trust and partnership. We are intentional in listening and responding to community needs and expertise.

Joy: We recognize, honor, and celebrate the resilience and brilliance of our students, families, and community.

Integrity: We do right by our Oakland families and scholars, our educators and volunteer community, and our Promise.

Explore your career opportunities!  

We work remotely currently and will have a hybrid (remote & in-office) model as we transition back to the office.  Please consider joining our team, develop your career and help us to make Oakland Promise an even more effective organization to impact Oakland’s community! 

We have several exciting positions open at this time:

College Completion Program Associate

Job Title: College Completion Program Associate
Reports to: Associate Program Manager

Ideal Start Date:

June 2024

Staff Accountant

Job Title: Staff Accountant
Reports to: Grants and Accounting Manager

Ideal Start Date:

May 2024

Communications Manager

Job Title: Communications Manager
Reports to: Director of Communications & External Affairs

Ideal Start Date:

May 2024

Head of People and Operations

Job Title: Head of People and Operations
Reports to: CEO/CFOO

Ideal Start Date:

April 2024

Find Out How To Get Involved

We need mentors, volunteers, donors, champions and partners to help us to create more impact for Oakland’s youth. Please note that the mentor recruitment season is open for the 2022 - 2023 academic year. You can make a difference in a young person's life!