Brilliant Baby

The Brilliant Baby program supports children’s early healthy development and school-readiness by setting up college savings accounts for babies, offering financial coaching to parents and caregivers, and building a supportive community with the whole family.

Our goal is to help you put your child on the path to success in school and life

Our goal is to help you put your child on the path to success in school and life

Is My Baby Eligible for Brilliant Baby?


Baby’s Age

Your baby is between 0 and 12 months old.



Your baby currently lives in Oakland and was born in Alameda County.


Income Eligible

Your household meets income eligibility for Medi-Cal, WIC, SNAP or TANF.

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Brilliant Baby College Savings Account

Each child enrolled in Brilliant Baby receives a 529 College Savings Account seeded with $500. These college savings accounts are held at my529, one of the top college savings companies in the country. This money will grow over time and be a resource to help pay for the child’s post-secondary school expenses.

Brilliant Baby Financial Coaching & Education

Brilliant Baby Financial Coaching and Community Connections workshops help parents and caregivers pursue their hopes and dreams for their family. Participants can earn up to $500 toward their goals.

Our Impact by the Numbers

903 babies

Have a College Savings Account seeded with $500

78% of families

Participate in Financial Coaching

93% of BB parents

Believe their child is college-bound

87% of children

Are preparing to be first-generation college graduates

85% of parents

Say BB has positively influenced the way they think about their child’s future.


Collectively invested for post-secondary education

Brilliant Baby Community

Brilliant Baby offers a supportive community of families who share common experiences and aspirations for their children. Brilliant Baby families come together to share resources, make new friends, and learn new ways to strengthen our families.

We organize an annual Brilliant Baby Family Day, and engage a Family Leadership Group to provide input to the program and develop leadership skills.

Brilliant Baby Newsletters

Families that sign up for Brilliant Baby receive monthly e-newsletters with program highlights, registration links for events, and tips on parenting, educational and financial topics.

Meet the Brilliant Baby Team

Amanda Feinstein

Director, Brilliant Baby

Dulce Torres-Petty

Senior Manager, Brilliant Baby

Diego Pinto

Senior Manager, Brilliant Baby Financial Coaching

Leah Davis

Senior Financial Coach, Brilliant Baby

Alexsys Hornsby

Operations & Outreach Coordinator, Brilliant Baby

Saundra Davis

Financial Consultant, Brilliant Baby

rita zhang

Financial Coach, Brilliant Baby

Sadie Williams

Financial Coach Brilliant Baby

Monique Street

Financial Coach, Brilliant Baby

Teresa Garza

Financial Coach, Brilliant Baby

Diana Gamino

Financial Coach, Brilliant Baby

Marisela Sanchez

Financial Coach, Brilliant Baby

Vivian Padua

Financial Coach, Brilliant Baby

Rebecca Contin

Financial Coach, Brilliant Baby

Brilliant Baby Partners

Brilliant Baby partners with early childhood programs, pediatric clinics, and other social service providers that bring critical resources to families with new babies and toddlers.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Email [email protected] or call: (510) 858-6054

Find Out How To Get Involved

We need mentors, volunteers, donors, champions and partners to help us to create more impact for Oakland’s youth. (Please note that the mentor recruitment season is now closed for the 2021-2022. In the Fall, we will be opening up for Mentoring interests for the 2022 - 2023 season. Thank you for your interest).

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