College Completion

Our vision is to dramatically increase the number of college graduates from Oakland public schools.

Our Vision is to Dramatically Increase the Number of College Graduates from Oakland Public Schools.

Oakland high school seniors enrolling in college in Fall 2022 can apply for an Oakland Promise scholarship program beginning November 1, 2021.

Our Impact by the Numbers

2,100 students

Receiving OP scholarships and support

1,300 Scholars

Paired with a Mentor

88% OP Scholars

Who persisted from first year to second year of college in community college and universities

Over $16 Million

In cumulative multi-year scholarships awarded

88% persistence rates

For first-to-second year class of 2018

College Completion Partners

We collaborate with nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, and community partners to empower our students with wrap-around services. “It takes a village to raise a child.” -African proverb

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Find Out How To Get Involved

We need mentors, volunteers, donors, champions and partners to help us to create more impact for Oakland’s youth. Please note that the mentor recruitment season is open for the 2022 - 2023 academic year. You can make a difference in a young person's life!

The Right Advising Program for You

College Completion equips students with social and emotional support through mentoring, peer advising, counseling, and retreats. Oakland Promise's holistic programming is designed to create a culture of career and college preparedness in students, families, and educators.

Opt-in Mentoring

As an OP Scholar, one of the many resources you have access to in our program is the option to receive Mentoring services. We believe Mentoring can provide very helpful support for student success in college when the relationship is built properly. Life after high school can be challenging.

Through the ups and downs it’s helpful to have a Mentor in your corner who listens to you and encourages you throughout your post-secondary journey, be it working towards your CTE, AA or Bachelor’s degree.

If you are interested in making a difference in a young person’s life by Mentoring a college student, fill out the Interest Form today!


CREWS provides an on-site or online peer support system for freshmen to address the challenges of adjusting to college life. In this program, CREWS leaders/current students who share similar life experiences mentor Oakland Promise freshmen.  Through CREWS, students will be exposed to resources for financial aid, tutoring services, health and recreation, internships, and so much more.

Why is CREWS Important?
As a freshman, experiencing a new environment, making new friends, being away from home, studying, changing your habits, the list goes on–it’s hard.  A whole new adjustment to life can be extremely difficult, but by finding a group that supports you may help you in your transition to college.

College Completion Team Directory

Here are the members for our College Completion Team

Daniel Russell-Cheung

Associate Program Manager, College Completion

[email protected]

Harmela Beyene

Program Manager, College Completion

[email protected]

Jamie So

Associate Manager of Matriculation and Persistence

[email protected]

Jessica Vazquez

Mentor Program Manager

[email protected]

Jonathan Coelho

Program Associate, College Completion

[email protected]

Lucina Parada

Associate Manager of Workforce and Alumni Support

[email protected]

Luis Galvan

Program Coordinator, College Completion

[email protected]

Marcelo Duran Avalos

Director, College Completion

[email protected]

Melissa Elizalde

Program Coordinator, College Completion

[email protected]

Monique Recoder

Senior Program Manager, College Completion

[email protected]

College Completion Partnerships

Here are the team members for partnerships

Linda Nguyen

Senior Partnerships Manager

[email protected]

Yadira Hernandez-Figueroa

Mentor Program Coordinator, College Completion

[email protected]

Scholar Docs

Scholars are offered Oakland Promise services and scholarships for up to 6 years from their first Semester or Quarter of enrollment in a post-secondary institution (college, university, or Certificate of Technical Education/CTE). If you DO NOT submit Scholar Docs, you will be forfeiting your scholarship for the current academic term. However, those funds will continue to be available within 6 years of being awarded.

Scholar Docs are submitted Semesterly or Quarterly. The required Docs are:

  • Class Schedule
  • Unofficial Transcript/Grades
  • First Year Survey or End of Term Survey
  • Financial Award Letter
  • Any other Doc instructed by the Advising Team

OP Alumni Program

Calling all graduating college seniors and recently graduated OP scholars! We are so excited that the new alumni network is launching on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. Our launch entails an OP Alumni LinkedIn group, a quarterly newsletter in your email inboxes, and most exciting of all, a one-time scholarship opportunity to help you fund your graduate school applications, professional certificate fees, or post-bacs. Be on the lookout for Volume 1 of the newsletter on February 1 with all the links you need and more engagement opportunities throughout the Spring! If you have any questions, schedule a check-in with me (Lucina) Here

Job Opportunities

Join our team! Find exciting career opportunities with Oakland Promise.

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“I learned really interesting and cool things about my mentor that make me value and admire her. It made me more excited and I am looking forward to spending time with my mentor. Talking with my mentor about our interests and how we behave with friends and family made me feel closer and excited about the next 4 years."

Oakland Promise Scholar

“This scholarship has provided me with so many resources. First, I appreciate that I have an advisor who helps me with college struggles. For example, deciding if I should switch my major. Also, it has helped me a lot financially and I've been learning to carefully budget my money.”

Oakland Promise Scholar

"I will change the history of college experience in my family and finish strong, no excuses. My drive is deep …being successful means stepping outside the box & challenging myself"


Oakland Promise Scholar

Video Testimonial

Reach Out to the College Completion Team

Thank you for visiting the College Completion Team page, if you have any questions, concerns or comments please do not hesitate to reach out. Our Oakland Promise Advisors will follow up with you