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Our Goal

Triple the number of college graduates and make college the expectation across Oakland.


The number of students and family members served by the end of the decade



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Brilliant Baby
Helps parents raise thriving children by offering a supportive community, reducing financial stressors, and establishing a college savings account as an early investment.
Kindergarten to College (K2C)
Opens an early college scholarship seeded with $100 for all Oakland public school kindergarten students and supports families to open their 529 college savings accounts.
Future Centers
Establishing school based advising centers in Oakland high schools and large middle schools. Supports all seniors to apply for college, financial aid, scholarships, and high leverage internships.
College Scholarships & Completion
Students at 2-year and technical colleges will receive up to $1000 per year while students at 4-year colleges will receive up to $4000 per year.

What We've Done

In only a year and a half, Oakland Promise has accomplished…


Students sent to college with scholarships & persistence via EBCF


Organizational and Individual Oakland Promise Champions


The total # of schools Oakland Promise is currently operating in

Making College the Reality

We as a community will ensure every child in Oakland graduates high school with the expectations, resources, and skills to complete college and be successful in the career of their choice.

Oakland Promise Signature Video

This short video captures the first year of the Oakland Promise, a multi-faceted initiative launched and supported by an array of Oakland leaders...

Oakland Promise Highlights

The Oakland Promise is a cradle-to-career initiative aimed at tripling the number of college graduates from Oakland within the next decade.

Kindergarten to College (K2C)

The goal of Oakland Promise is to triple the number of OUSD students not just getting into, but graduating from college...