Transform a young person’s life. Become a mentor in the next 2020-2021 Season! Although our current season has ended, stay tuned by signing up to receive more information.

For Mentors and Volunteers: Please note that during this COVID-19 pandemic, we are supporting our students and community virtually.

Why mentor?

Imagine helping one of Oaklandʼs resilient and ambitious Scholars succeed in college by providing them with advice, encouragement, and friendship as an Oakland Promise mentor. By mentoring a college-bound Oakland student throughout their college career, you can build a relationship that supports their college goals. For underrepresented college students, getting into college is only half the battle. According to The New York Times: “Fewer than 30 percent of [eligible] students in the bottom quarter of incomes even enroll in a four-year school. And among that group, fewer than half graduate.” *

So why donʼt more students from a low-income background persist in college to graduation? We understand that there are a myriad of institutional and systemic reasons for these outcomes. At Oakland Promise, we take a holistic approach to serving our Scholars. With a combination of a scholarship, access to advising, professional development days, and mentoring, we have supported students’ college graduation goals for more than 15 years.

Being a mentor with East Bay College Fund has been rewarding in so many ways. . . By being a mentor, I can inspire the next generation to strive for a better life and not give up.

Sean, Mentor

It takes very little time to make a huge impact

The number of ways an Oakland Promise Mentor can support a Scholar are as varied as the number of Mentors involved in our program. A successful mentoring relationship is made up of small, consistent and genuine efforts to enthusiastically share openly about a Mentor’s life, coupled with the ability to relate empathetically to the Scholar.

So become a Mentor and and support a young person in reaching their college graduation goals. Whatʼs the time commitment? In addition to seasonal retreats, a Mentor meets with or talks to their scholar once a month.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you are recently retired or firmly in your career, you can support a college student’s goals by being there for them as an Oakland Promise Mentor!