Our vision is for all 24,000 middle and high school students in Oakland Public Schools to have access to personalized support to set them on a path to college & career success.

Oakland high school seniors enrolling in college in fall 2020 can now apply for an Oakland Promise scholarship program on scholarships.oaklandpromise.org. The deadline for submissions is Monday March 9, 2020, 5:59pm PST.

The application portal will be available in Spanish on December 9, 2020.

Program Overview 

  • College and career hubs on middle and high school campuses
  • College application & scholarship support, technology, & access to internships
  • Physical space for college access providers to coordinate and align services

Why this strategy?

  • Linking educational learning to career exposure and “real-world” experience helps build low-income students’ social capital, allowing them to bridge social/economic stratification

Our vision is that every Oakland high school student will have access to a Future Center where they will develop college and career plans within a decade.

The Oakland Promise will establish school based advising centers in Oakland high schools and large middle schools to support college and career planning for all students. Staff at these Future Centers will ensure that all students develop a career and college plan. They also will support all seniors to apply for college, financial aid, scholarships, and high leverage internships. We will collaborate closely with OUSD to launch and sustain our Future Centers.

Our 2017 Goals