Project Manager (Independent Contractor)

Project Manager, California Child Savings Account Coalition

Reports to: Amanda Feinstein

This Request for Qualifications seeks to secure a Project Manager (independent contractor) for the California Child Savings Account (CAS) Coalition who will lead a collaborative initiative to build an effective, enduring Child Savings Account system that promotes asset building and educational equity for children. The Oakland Promise will hire and supervise this consultant on behalf of the CSA Coalition. Over a two year period, this CSA Coalition Project Manager will support planning, coordination, capacity building and stakeholder education to increase the scale and quality of child savings account programs serving children in California and the Western Region.

Project Leadership

The California CSA Coalition is a network of Child Savings Account (CSA) programs from around the state working together to expand, support and strengthen the CSA field in California. Our members share resources, collectively address programmatic challenges and identify opportunities for collaboration in order to increase the impact and sustainability of California CSA programs, both local and statewide. As part of our mission to increase postsecondary access and success, our Coalition is also committed to the development of a “best-in-class” state-wide CSA program that is locally integrated and aligns with Coalition vision and values.

The vision of the California CSA Coalition is that every child in the state—regardless of their family’s economic status or the community they come from—will have a CSA with savings for their future that:

● Imprints a profound and positive impact on their college-bound (postsecondary) identity and academic success;
● Supports postsecondary education enrollment and completion (including two and four-year colleges and universities; trade, technical and vocational schools; and career training programs);
● Promotes financial stability and economic mobility; and
● Addresses economic and racial inequities.

Oakland Promise, a member organization of the CSA Coalition, will hire and supervise the CSA Coalition Project Manager. Oakland Promise is a cradle-to-career initiative designed to create pathways to success for Oakland’s underserved students. It’s holistic approach includes opening Child Savings Accounts, providing relevant family-focused and in-school programming, awarding need-based scholarships, and supporting persistence in college. Oakland Promise promotes educational attainment for children from birth through college and offers financial capability programming for students and parents.

About the Position
The CSA Coalition Project Manager, a consultant position with the Oakland Promise, will be responsible to increase the California CSA Coalition’s impact, strengthen outcomes and independently move forward deliverables.

We seek a dynamic, self-motivated and seasoned leader who can support the priorities of the California CSA Coalition during a crucial period. This Project Manager (and any subcontractors they may hire) will be the sole dedicated staff to this project and will oversee all aspects of the work. They will be the face of the movement and in partnership with the California CSA Coalition Steering Committee and Committee Co-Chairs, will represent the CSA work of the region to stakeholders and partners at all levels in government, industry, education, and aligned organizations. The Project Manager will report to a Program Director within the Oakland Promise.

Primary Responsibilities

● Lead activities and actions needed to drive the coalition to increase its impact, meet outcomes and deliverables. This likely will require collaborative leadership, effective project management and managing up with busy CEO/ED/Directors to make this a reality.
● Provide leadership and strategic advice regarding planning and implementation of this project.
● Assist in planning and facilitation of regular meetings of the full CSA Coalition, the Steering Committee and Sub-committee(s).
● Lead development of annual work plans.
● Create agendas and communicate to all relevant parties regarding deadlines and deliverables
● Distribute notes and other relevant follow-up materials after each meeting ● Meet regularly with Chair of California CSA Coalition & Oakland Promise Director supervising this project

Coalition Building
● Strengthen the CA CSA Coalition
o Bring new CSA programs on board the coalition
o Discover and serve the needs of these constituents
o Build and nurture external partnerships
o Build a broader base of support and mechanisms for people to “feel a part of the movement” and to be able to support our objectives without slowing down the process
● Seek to engage and align with key stakeholders in this work including the state of California’s ScholarShare and CalKIDS program, California Student Aid Commission,
California Asset Building Coalition, North California College Promise Coalition, among others.

Project Management
● Effectively manage project to meet its deliverables and outcomes and increase our impact o Track various projects in different stages of development
o Ensure that deadlines are met, information is provided in a timely manner, and resources are available to the various teams
o Manage up to ensure that people are meeting deliverable deadlines
o Following up on meetings with next steps within a day

Administrative Support
● Take notes at meetings and compile notes
● Draft emails and other documents for steering committee members
● Manage Rosters and communications

Community Outreach
● Present CA CSA programs and the prospect of post-secondary education for vulnerable youth at every opportunity to policy makers, key stakeholders and the broader community.

Required Skills, Qualities and Experience

● Demonstrated leadership, including an ability to initiate projects and deliver on expectations
● Proven track record developing relationships and building collaboration ● Demonstrated success in meeting outcomes and achieving goals
● Outcomes orientation, resourcefulness and “can-do” outlook
● Exceptional written and oral communication and interpersonal skills
● Effective project manager, with high attention to detail
● Strong facilitator of meetings
● Team player
● Ability to take feedback and implement it quickly, adjust to styles of steering group leadership
● Reflective, constant learning and growth mind-set orientation
● High degree of flexibility and adaptability; willingness and ability to work with ambiguity; ability to self-start and self-monitor progress
● Dedication to the mission of fostering post-secondary success among low-income, disadvantaged populations
● Minimum 4-year degree; Masters preferred; minimum 2+ years experience & ideally much more.
● The ideal candidate will have expertise or experience in some of the following areas and a willingness to learn all of them:
o Knowledge of the child savings account field, including program design, research basis and policy issues
o Experience working on and knowledge of policy, including moving legislation forward
o Working with leadership in college to support first-gen college students success o Developing corporate partnerships and/or pathways for students to become workforce ready and successful in careers
o Facilitating best practices and resource sharing among partners
o Cultivating partners to join a movement
o Fundraising and securing commitments of resources

Project Description – The work of this position:

The overarching goal of this project is to improve the educational outcomes of children by substantially increasing the quality and scale of CSA programs in the state of California and, over time, in the Western Region. This work is grounded in a commitment to promoting economic and racial equity in the operations, funding, outreach and engagement strategies of all CSA programs serving our communities. The Project Manager will lead and coordinate the efforts of the coalition to reach these outcomes.

Anticipated Outcomes and Indicators of Impact

Expansion of CSA programs and accounts in California and the Western Region
– Technical assistance provided to new and existing CSA programs
– Develop reports and graphics to track
CSA expansion in the state and region
– Focus on equitable expansion and expansion in rural and underserved areas

Quality improvements & adoption of Best Practices in state and
local programs to ensure equitable outcomes for children
– Convenings and ongoing communications for best practice training
– Documentation of cross-program sharing of insights, information and effective practices among ScholarShare’s CalKIDS and local CSA programs – Dissemination of CSA best practice resources (e.g. Prosperity Now website, research and other reports, webinars, etc.)
– Materials assembled, produced and disseminated regarding best practices
– More BIPOC children served by CSAs

Alignment of California’s state & local program operations and communications, facilitating expansion of and increased family engagement with CSA’s.
– Development of work plan & project management of work plan to advance alignment of program design, communications, policy priorities, etc. among local CSA programs, ScholarShare Investment Board, CSAC, and CABC.
– Progress against work plan

New and continued funding to support CSA operations and increase account balances, with priority investments in BIPOC families.
– Inclusion of CSA funding in FY22 California State budget: renewal of CSAC local CSA grant program, sustain/increase CalKIDS seed funding (limitations of political and funding environment noted) – Partnerships with philanthropy
(presentations, webinars, secure grants, etc) – Inclusion of rural and under-resourced areas of the state

Leadership development and capacity building in the California and Western Region CSA field.
– Facilitation of cross-program technical assistance among CSA program leadership and staff
– Engagement of broad cross-section of CSA program staff in all activities outlined above. – Incidences of providing TA and information between CA CSA leaders and leaders in other states – Bringing learnings from other Western states to CA – Inclusion of rural and under-resourced areas

Additional information about the California CSA Coalition’s Objectives and Planned activities can be found here.

Application Process:

We are looking for candidates with availability to start immediately, and encourage you to apply if you are interested in and qualified for the position.


To apply: Send a single PDF (NOT a Microsoft Word document) of a resume and thoughtful cover letter to [email protected] with “Project Manager / Independent Contractor [Your Name]” in the subject line. Please use your last name and first initial (ex: Doe_J) as the filename of your PDF containing your resume and cover letter.


Failure to follow these instructions may delay the review of your application. Applications will be reviewed immediately and candidates with the best fit will be contacted for interviews. Unfortunately, the volume of applications will prevent us from responding to all applications received.

Application Process:

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