Brilliant Baby Financial Coaching

What is Financial Coaching?

Coaching is a process to help clients link their behavior to their goals and values. Financial coaching is a way of working with clients in equal partnership rather than as an “expert” there to give advice or issue directives. The coach is there to provide support, encouragement and accountability as the client defines and moves toward their goals.

Financial coaching is distinct from financial education or counseling in that the coach approaches the relationship from the position that the client knows what is best for their situation. It is a solutions focused, collaborative process in which the coach and client design a plan to identify and move toward the client’s self-determined financial goals.


Brilliant Baby works with Sage Financial Solutions, a national leader in financial coaching services that bridges the gap between the financial services profession and low-wealth communities. Sage believes that everyone needs and deserves access to competent, ethical financial services.

What will the Brilliant Baby Financial Coaching process look like?

All parents who have a baby in the Brilliant Baby program are encouraged to participate in financial coaching. After signing up for the Brilliant Baby Program, you will be contacted by a financial coach to set up an initial meeting. At that meeting, you will discuss your financial and life goals, for both yourself and your baby. In the coming meetings, you will create an action plan towards those goals and check-in to evaluate progress on that action plan. We encourage you to meet with your coach for up to 6 meetings. We will also be holding financial workshops for those more comfortable in a group setting, and all coaching participants are encouraged to attend.


Participation in financial coaching is optional and it will not affect your baby’s enrollment in the Brilliant Baby CSA. If you do want to participate in coaching, you must have your first meeting with a coach within 6 months of signing up for the Brilliant Baby program.

What are the Brilliant Baby Coaching Participation Incentives and how do I earn them?

For each of your first three monthly meetings with a coach, you will receive $100 in coaching participation incentives. These incentives will be paid directly to your Paypal account. If you do not have a Paypal account, your coach will help you to set one up. From Paypal, you can transfer these incentives straight to your checking account. Only one member of your family can earn these incentives, so even if two adults from the same family participate in coaching, only one adult can receive incentives.

For information setting up a Paypal account or your own checking account, visit our Parent Resources page.