Oakland Promise Governing Board Members


  1. Dr. Michael McAfee, President *, PolicyLink, CEO
  2. James Harrison, Secretary *, Remcho Johansen & Purcell, Partner
  3. Seth Hamalian, Treasurer *, Mission Bay Development Group, Managing Principal
  4. Susan Stutzman , VP *, Former East Bay College Fund Board President
  5. Tomiquia Moss *,  All Home, Founder and Chief Executive
  6. Rosaura M. Altamirano, Oakland Promise Parent Community Ambassador
  7. Chuyi Fang, Oakland High Graduating Alumna
  8. Barb Fremder, East Bay College Fund, Founder
  9. Mark Friedman, East Bay Community Foundation, Board Chair
  10. Colin Lacon, Kaiser Permanente East Bay, Director of Public Affairs
  11. Leroy Morishita, California State University East Bay, President (Retired)
  12. Maria Pirner, Oakland Unified School District, Teacher
  13. Susie Poncelet, East Bay College Fund, Former Board Secretary
  14. Robert Stark, SpencerStuart, Partner
  15. Riaz Taplin, Riaz Inc., Founder

Ex-Officio non-voting board members:

  • Andy Fremder, East Bay College Fund, Founder
  • Joel Mackey, Oakland Public Education Fund, Former Executive Director
  • Libby Schaaf **, City of Oakland, Mayor
  • David Silver **, Oakland Mayor’s Office, Director of Education
  • Kyla Johnson Trammell **, Oakland Unified School District, Superintendent

* Executive Committee Board Member

** Titles are provided for informational purposes only