Oakland Promise Vision

"We as a community will ensure every child in Oakland graduates high school with the expectations, resources, and skills to complete college and be successful in the career of their choice."


215 individual donors

50 Ambassadors

1,000+ Organizational & Individual Champions


300 individual donors

75 Ambassadors

2,000 Organizational & Individual Champions


Currently, if 100 Oakland students started the 9th grade together….

  • Will graduate high school
  • Will start college
  • Will graduate college within five years

2025 Impact

Our Goal: Triple the number of college graduates and make college the expectation across Oakland

# Impact
10,000 College Savings Accounts opened for new borns
6,000+ Families receive financial coaching & up to $500 of financial assistance
100% K2C at ALL Public Elementary Schools
45,000 Early College Scholarships
15,000 College Savings Accounts opened by Families
90% FAFSA/DREAM app completion at all FC Schools
100% Future Centers at ALL High Schools and ALL Middle Schools
3,000 Oakland Public School Students awarded multi-year scholarships & persistence support through EBCF
22,000 Students enrolled in college