Just over a year ago, Darius Aikens was homeless, couch-surfing from one friend’s place to the next, while trying to keep up with his junior-year classes at Oakland High. It
As hundreds of students from Castlemont High in East Oakland filed into the campus auditorium Monday morning for an assembly, they had no idea that an hour later they would
Salesforce.org, the philanthropic arm of the San Francisco-based cloud computing company, is expanding its education funding from its home city to Oakland. The foundation will invest $2.5 million into Oakland
    OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said Wednesday that the first year of an ambitious effort to triple the number of low-income college graduates coming out
    College Savings Accounts (CSAs) help foster a college-bound identity in children: One of the driving forces behind interest in CSAs is the potential they have shown for changing the way
Children’s Savings Account (CSA) programs are long-range investments starting at a child’s birth or upon entry into kindergarten but not coming fully to fruition until a child reaches college age.
As the price of college continues to escalate, too many low- and moderate-income students are priced out of postsecondary education. For some, the full extent of the price of college is realized
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